Alchemy Sign Calculator

Year of release: 2022

URL: https://harrypujols.com/alchemy-sign

Alchemy Page Screenshot

A few years ago I was in a class when we discussed different types of zodiac signs, and turns out we also had an archemical zodiac sign. We read an article that had a formula1 of how to find your archemical zodiac sign according to birth date. I looked up on Google if there was a free calculator, and turns out, there wasn’t.

I do not really care about zodiac signs, but with the formula in hand, I decided to make that calculator page myself.

The result can be seen here.

  1. “We will have to make a classic numerological calculation. We will take our date of birth and add the numbers. The sum of them must be reduced to a single digit. That number is the one that represents our sign in the alchemical horoscope.”