Don't freak out, the cartoon below is just me with a black turtleneck.

Are you here because you want to see what I do, or you want to contact me?

You can even check what I'm up to here.

The Work

You may wonder where is the stuff I do. Well, I keep only my personal projects public, since everything else belongs to the great clients I have worked with.

  • My old Web site built in 2009. The "resume" part in it is even older. I made in in school, in 1998.
  • My first videogame is nothing to brag about, but one more is coming.
  • My first open source project doesn't have many pull requests.

There will be more stuff to post. Check often.

Where to find me

I think you should drop me a line on LinkedIn, check my questions and answers on Stack Overflow, and perhaps see how this sausage is made on Github.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter!


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